Start Your Own Home Based Business

Save More Money. Pay Less Taxes. Earn More Money.

  • <strong>Save More Money</strong>

    Save More Money

    Save more money on expenses you already have and purchases you already make. Start with saving money on your Tax and Financial Services with our firm as a Qualified IBO. Then head to the Wake Up Now Marketplace and shop, share, earn commissions or cash back.

  • <strong>Pay Less Taxes</strong>

    Pay Less Taxes

    Combined with our professional tax services, the Taxbot app, can potentially save you thousands of dollars every year simply by helping you effectively document the deductions your eligible for as a home-based business owner. Stop over paying you taxes and enjoy the benefits legally available to every US business owner. We are here to help you do that. When you use Taxbot, it helps us, help you.

  • <strong>Earn More!</strong>

    Earn More!

    Starting a home-based business is NOT about creating a second job. It's about creating an asset that adds income, earnings to your bottom line and helps you keep more of what you make because of the unique tax advantages that are NOT available to you if you don't own a home based business. If you don't own a home based business, Wake Up Now provides you an opportunity to formulate a back up income as well as build an asset you can pass on for generations.

How Does It Work?

The Platinum Product Suite from WakeUpNow is all you need to get started!

When you purchase a Platinum Product Suite subscription from WakeUpNow you are automatically eligible to become a
Qualified WakeUpNow IBO (Independent Business Owner).

As a Qualified WakeUpNow IBO your new home based business can make money two ways:

1)  Earn commissions when someone you’ve referred shops at the Wake Up Now Marketplace.

2) Refer other entrepreneurs to WakeUpNow that want to take advantage of the same Tax Saving Strategies as you are.

Watch the short video to learn more.

Bring 3.  Help 3.  Get 3.

While the monthly subscription for your WakeUpNow Platinum Product Suite can more than pay for itself several times over, with very little effort you can reduce the overhead of your new home based business to ZERO simply by referring others.  By following the next three simple steps, you can eliminate your overhead and get your monthly Platinum subscription for free, eliminate your risk, see your home based business become profitable very quickly while enjoying all of the tax benefits of owning a home based business!

bring 3

The first step is to refer or bring 3 IBO’s with you to Wake Up Now.  This can be family members, friends, co-workers, clients, or leads.  We actually recommend you consider people you know and would genuinely like to help.  If you need help in this area, we are here to help you get started with your new home based business.

help 3

The next step is to help those 3 people, whom you shared Wake Up Now with do exactly what you did…

Get 3

One of the simplest concepts of creating income through your new home-based business is to market and share Wake Up Now’s affiliate program.  As you help Wake Up Now grow by referring Preferred Customers and new IBO’s these simple steps will help you ensure you become a member of the 600 Club and your business becomes profitable as quickly as possible.

How you start the process of referring people to Wake Up Now is up to you and we are more than happy to help you get started.  Making money is as easy as sharing.

Are you up for a challenge?  Ask us about the Founders Challenge and how you can eliminate your start up costs is just 15 days. How many businesses provide you the opportunity to start a business with less than $100, and within 15 days recoup your start up cost AND begin earning a $100/month commission?

Wake Up Now does!

Can You Imagine?


What if several years ago you had the opportunity to be the first one to introduce your family and friends to what is currently the world’s largest online shopping portal,,  and in return for your simple referral, Amazon paid you a commission for everything your family and friends purchased from, forever.

When your family and friends told their extended family, friends and co-workers about, and they shopped there taking advantage of great deals and cash back offers, Amazon paid you a commission on all of their purchases too.

Then to find out, Amazon was going to pay you time and time again when the friends, family and co-workers of people you’ve never met, make purchases from Amazon.

Would you walk away from an opportunity like that and tell yourself that you weren’t interested?  It must be a scam, after all?  Or some illegal pyramid scheme of some sort, right?

As it turns out, this is exactly the opportunity Wake Up Now is offering you.

Wake Up Now, Inc is 4 year old company led by an elite team of successful business executives.  They have been working tirelessly revamping, reworking and positioning Wake Up Now to rival and beat them at their own game.

How?  In a number of ways.  First of all, Wake Up Now was founded as a technology company that offered applications and digital opportunities to help people save money, pay less in taxes, and earn a secondary income.  These three concepts address the problems of high debt, poverty, and lack of opportunity.  It is these guiding principles in which Wake Up Now is building upon. is arguably the world’s largest online shopping portal.  Merchants pay to list their products on Amazon and sometimes pay Amazon to store and ship their products as well.  One of Amazon’s primary sources of customers, or internet traffic, is through what is referred to in marketing terms as an affiliate program.  Amazon has an entire network of small businesses and internet entrepreneurs that market the products listed on Amazon through their own websites, other peoples websites, social media and word of mouth.  In return, pays an affiliate a very small commission if a product is sold as a result of the entrepreneurs efforts to market the product.

Unfortunately for the entrepreneur or small business, Amazon’s commissions are very small, so it takes a lot of work and time before you can expect to make any money actually worth all of your efforts.  Additionally, Amazon also imposes a very short time window in which they will pay you for the sale.  So if a customer clicks on a link you placed for a product on Amazon, if they don’t make the purchase within 24 hours, you don’t get paid.

Wake Up Now is much different.  Instead of only marketing products, you have the opportunity to introduce people to the Wake Up Now Marketplace.  When someone you refer to Wake Up Now registers as a FREE Preferred Customer, you are paid directly or indirectly on everything they purchase, regardless of time.  Additionally, the Wake Up Now Marketplace offers many opportunities to shop and earn CASH BACK from purchases, as well as having access to exclusive deals from LOCAL area merchants.

As a Qualified Independent Business Owner, or IBO, you are eligible to earn commissions from purchases made through the Marketplace by everyone that you have referred, to Wake Up Now, and everyone they refer, and everyone they refer, and everyone they refer, and even they refer AND everyone they refer to Wake Up Now.

How many people do you know that have made a purchase from Amazon?  And what about the people they know, and so on?

If you even received a small portion of that amount, just for referring someone to Amazon, do you think it would be worth it?

That’s just the beginning!

As a Platinum Member of Wake Up Now, you become “qualified” in addition to getting unlimited access to Taxbot, FINANCE, Tell Me More web-based language suite, NewsStand, Wake Up Now Protect, the WUN Marketplace, as well as access to the Vacation Club.

As a Qualified IBO, you also have the opportunity to grow your network of Preferred Customers by referring other people to join Wake Up Now as IBO’s.

This is referred to as growing your organization and is the fastest way to earn an online income, hands down.