MLM Tax and Financial Services has always strived to offer exceptional personalized service at affordable prices.  We believe over the years we have been able to accomplish those goals.

However, we believe we can do more for our clients that are interested in limiting their tax liabilities, reducing “bad debt” and regaining control of their finances.  This opportunity may not apply to you and if you’re not interested in paying less our services, that’s ok too.

Our clients that are interested in paying less in taxes, reducing their personal and/or business debt as well as paying less for our professional services have a unique opportunity.

As the saying goes, time is money.   So in order to save our clients money we have developed a system that will save us time and allow us to provide the same high quality services at discounted rates.

Beginning in early 2014 MLM Tax and Financial Services has decided to offer incentives to all of our clients who become or are current Wake Up Now Qualified Independent Business Owners (IBO’s).

What is Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now is a revolutionary technology company, founded in 2009, that provides software solutions for a better life.

At the heart of the Wake Up Now is a mission to empower people with the ability to make financial changes in their lives.  As a Platinum Member of Wake Up Now you receive exclusive access to a myriad of opportunities to save money, easily track your expenses, increase your tax savings, create a new business income and the entire membership is tax deductible!

Check Out These Two Powerful and Amazing New Tools

TaxbotTaxbot is a web based, smart phone accessible application that tracks and records all of your business miles at the push of a button.  It offers features that allow you to record expenses right on the spot, take a picture of the receipt, and upload it to your own database.  Taxbot was written to be IRS compliant for record keeping.  As you use Taxbot, you’re provided with a running total of recorded tax deductions and at the end of the year you can download all of the stored records and provide them to us.  No more keeping hand written travel logs, paper receipts or sifting through receipts to organize them.  This amazing tool will save our team a lot of time in preparing your business and personal taxes and we are happy to pass the savings on to you.

Wake Up Now FinanceFINANCE  - The amount of debt burden most of our clients carry is frightening.  As part of our continually improving services, we are committed to helping all of our clients that are interested in eliminating debt and creating valuable assets.  Wake Up Now Finance is a secure web based application that serves as an amazing tool for understanding your finances, managing debt and income so you can develop a strategy for eliminating your debt.

These two tools alone, without access to any of the other money saving features included in your Wake Up Now Platinum membership, can save you literally thousands of dollars in reduced taxes, interest payments, late fees, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities available throughWake Up Now and you can reduce your taxes, eliminate your debt and increase your income as well as receive discounted professional tax and financial services from our firm simply click the button below.

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