When most people think about debt relief a few options come to mind, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, debt forgiveness or lower payment plans.

The problem with all of these common options is that they don’t resolve the underlying problem, which isn’t too much debt, it’s not enough money.

With debt consolidation the amount of debt remains the same.  Interest rates may be lowered and the goal is obtaining lower payments so you can afford the debt better. This doesn’t address not having enough money because your income has remained the same with this option.

Bankruptcy is a dreadful and sometimes necessary option.  The requirements and benefits of different types of bankruptcies varies and in some cases you are still required to repay as much of the debt as possible even if the interest and principle of the debt is reduced.  Unfortunately, bankruptcies will not help with all debts, like federally guaranteed student loans, and the black mark against your credit history remains for a decade.

Loan or debt forgiveness is becoming more and more rare.  In fact, with a struggling economy, especially the financial sector, the forgiveness of debt is not likely to happen.  Additionally, these types of scenarios usually only happen once the debt has become seriously delinquent and has already damaged your credit.

Once again, all of these options are costly or difficult in terms of expense, time and effort.  None of them do anything to solve the underlying problem of not making enough money or keeping enough of what you make.  So while you are working to reduce a liability you are not creating an asset.

However, what if there was a solution in which you could:

  • create an asset,
  • reduce your liability (debt) and
  • solve the inherent problem of not having the financial resources you want, need and deserve?  

What if the risks we’re minimal, cost was negligible and by choosing this solution you actually create additional tax saving benefits as well as creating an asset you can pass on to future generations?

Would you be interested in learning how we are helping our clients do exactly that?  If so, simply click the button below to learn about a great opportunity to eliminate debt, create an asset, save on business and personal taxes all with very little risk and cost.  In fact, we help our clients that join our program reduce both the risk and cost to zero as quickly as possible, while you maintain all of the benefits.

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